Children start learning from the moment they are born or maybe even before that. Their home is their first school and parents are their first and actually the lifelong teachers. We can mold their tender brains from the beginning by providing the right motivation, stimulus and the right environment. They can be taught a lot many skills at home.

If the parents adopt a new kind of approach- where questions are encouraged, and these questions are answered with patience and reasoning then slowly the child will also develop a scientific temperament. They need the right tools that help to improve their imagination when they are curious to understand something. For example, provides hours of fun using the slime that can be used to make many different types of slime in different colors and with new kinds of add-ons.

You can create similar small experiments using the ingredients from the kitchen and this would help them to be creative and think differently. They can use their creativity to think out of the box. Such activities help to create a love for scientific things and they are eager to understand how other stuff works or can be created.

Encourage them to watch science-based programs on TV. This is something that children love to do and as parents, you can ensure that they are learning something even while doing a passive activity like watching TV. Teach them to read and write and encourage reading books from an early age. Reading will take them to the world of exploration and imagination again. Take them to the movies and planetarium shows, museums and where they can learn science without putting in any hard work. With the right atmosphere at home, children blossom into eager learners- science being their favorite subject. Instead of forcing them to do boring stuff, encourage and bring science into their lives in more fun ways.