The current age kids are growing up in a digital age surrounded by gadgets of all shapes and sizes and for all purposes. These kids are so tech savvy that they no more ask their parents any doubts because the ever attentive Siri is ready to answer all their questions. With so much exposure to social media and technology, these kids are slowly forgetting basic humility. It’s time to teach them that.

  1. Teach to think beyond oneself: The digital age kids are self-sufficient and very independent; they sadly do not know to look beyond them. Therefore, draw their attention to events and people either in news or in your community who have made a difference or are undergoing some trials. This will spur them to think about others and less about themselves.
  2. Filter the importance of filter: Let them learn that life is not as easy as changing the filters on their Instagram posts. Instill in them the desire to look beyond materialistic things and improve their personality, have a good value system and imbibe proper work ethics. They must know that life is not all about looks but what is within and their interaction with people around them.
  3. Art of apology: Since much of their lives are open on social media, any mistake they commit is also out in the open for everyone to criticize. Teach them, the importance of apologizing especially on a public

As parents, we take great care in choosing educational toys for 2 year olds but we do not give the same importance to teaching them humility and compassion.  As parents and teachers, the onus is on us to teach them to mingle and become a part of the society. The ability to handle technology and have knowledge at their fingertips makes them proud and encourages a false sense of wellbeing.  We must open their eyes to reality and teach them to be humble.

It is recommended that you child understands the importance of money and saving at a very young age. Here is what you can do to help your child and make him appreciate why saving is important. Get more ideas and coupons on Couponobox.

Read books that teach on savings

There are many books appropriate for a child to read which puts in the concept of savings in a story format. Here the child understands that when one saves he is able to live through the hard times with no difficultly. However if one does not save then in times of crunch one has to go around looking for food or begging others for money and food.

Go to the grocery store with them

Let your child help you with your shopping. Teach your child why you may want to buy something in a discount and why buying in bulk saves you money. Also, tell him that when you save money on something you can use it to buy something else.

Have a piggy bank

Let your child maintain a piggy bank and save money. This could be your child’s way to start saving for something that he may need. So if your child wants to buy a game then let him pay for it himself.

Give examples

If you have a real life example of someone who has been able to maintain a good life just because they saved then share it with your child. Your child will be able to relate to this and then understand the importance of saving.

Make a chart

If you give some pocket money to your child then ask them to make a chart or keep a journal of where they spent their money. This will teach them to spend wisely and not spend money on things that they may not need.