The dilemma is real:

I have been dragged into this argument more often because of the fact that I practice herbal medicine while most of my family is into conventional drug therapy. In fact with a good number of people in the immediate family also practicing allopathic doctors’ means that I do not open up so quickly about my problems in front of them for fear of being bombarded with chemical-laden treatments and therapies that make no sense to me absolutely!

Here are ten good reasons for you to turn to herbal medicine yet:

  1. Herbal medicine is more affordable vis a vis conventional medicinal therapies by a big margin;
  2. Herbal medicines promote natural healing and that is why it entails no additional chemical intake into the body;
  3. Herbal medicine is known to strengthen the immune system in the body as compared to the other form of treatment where there is documented proof that it definitely harms the body in the long run;
  4. Herbal medicines are easier to obtain as they are freely obtained from nature itself. For example, Wekratom which is freely grown in South East Asia.
  5. Herbal medicines also stabilize the hormone functions in the body;
  6. It is a verifiable truth that metabolism improves with medicines made from naturally obtained elements;
  7. There are absolutely no side effects whatsoever when herbal medicines are consumed;
  8. There are no long-term contraindications found in patients who are on herbal medicines even for a very long time;
  9. Another advantage of being on herbal medicine is that they can be discontinued at will as against the other forms of medicine where the prescribed course is to be completed for effective results;
  10. As against the popular belief, herbal medicine also has a lot of branches like acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy and the like and that is why there is always an option to try something that works well for the patients.