Children need very specific care, targeted at individual needs. However, the teachers have devised many techniques that can be adopted by the parents also to manage their kids. Some of the tips are easy to follow:

  1. The first thing is to be patient. Kids do not know everything. So start from the beginning and teach them patiently and slowly.
  2. Kids love to hear stories. This fuel their imagination so recite rhymes and stories. This also helps them learn new words and use of words.
  3. Innovative toys will keep even the naughtiest kid in the class engrossed for some time. You can choose a website like, which can recommend age-appropriate games for kids.
  4. Music can help even the most restless child to relax. The therapeutic properties of music can be a great entertainer and must be introduced to kids as early as possible.
  5. Make children a part of using the supplies and toys etc. They can take turns to keep the room tidy and help to store the things in their proper place.
  6. Keep the communication with parents completely open. The parents and teachers should continuously be involved in the children’s development.
  7. Children have short attention spans. So they need to be continuously engaged, and with different activities.
  8. Plan your activities beforehand so that it becomes easy to engage the class.
  9. Make their classes more interesting. They can be taken out, within the school and outside the school for visits to make them learn from the real places and experiences.
  10. Allow them the freedom to be happy, naughty and innovative while teaching them discipline also.
  11. Listen to them. While talking to them is important for teaching and controlling the class. But listening is important as then you can understand what a particular child needs and address that.
  12. Help them to make friends by making social connectivity easy and essential in the class.
  13. Encourage them to be more responsible.

In a classroom with many kids, it may become a little difficult for teachers to handle kids and teach them at the same time. But with the tips given above the task will become simpler.